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In order to ensure that tax is not charged for members who have been assigned tax exempt status, as described in Configure Member Tax Exempt Status, you also need to activate the appropriate tax related project setting in the EDGE System Admin module.


If you have already enabled the setting named If a member has a Tax Number value don't charge them tax while configuring other EDGE Tax Related Project Settings, you can ignore this section.

To activate the tax exemption project setting:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click System Admin in the EDGE Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
    • If another System Admin function page is already open, select EDGE Setup>Project Settings from the left navigation menu. The Project Settings page opens.

      The applicable setting is found in the Tax Related section at the top of the page.

      The function for calculating tax during order input must be overridden as follows in order to activate a member's tax exempt status.
  2. Locate the If a member has a Tax Number value don't charge them tax field.

  3. Select the  radio button (for Yes).
  4. Click  at the bottom of the Tax Related section to save the new setting.


To continue . . .

When you have finished enabling the tax exemption project setting, continue with Configure Tax Rates.

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