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Project settings, including those need to enable payment-related functions in the current project, are configured in the EDGE System Admin module.

 To configure EDGE payment-related project settings:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click System Admin in the EDGE Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
    • If another System Admin function page is already open, select EDGE SETUP > Project Settings from the left navigation menu. The Project Settings page opens.
  2. Click Payment Related to access the associated settings.

  3. Refer to the Payment Related Project Setting Field Descriptions, below, to configure the applicable settings.
  4. Click  at the bottom of the Payment Related settings table for the settings to take effect.

Payment Related Project Setting Field Descriptions 

Field Name

Description and Values

Allow exception for spending over allotted member budget.

EDGE can apply a company or departmental budget (spending cap) per member and group association.
You can use this setting to have the order placed in exception if the member budget is exceeded.
1 = Yes, 0 = No

Enable Address Verification For TrustCommerce?

Address verification is one of the fraud screening tools for all TrustCommerce accounts.
You can use this setting to verify the address and detect possible duplication or fraud.
1 = Yes, 0 = No


This setting is applicable for the TrustCommerce payment services provider only.
(Refer to TrustCommerce Payment-Related Project Settings for additional information.)

An expiration date's offset in months for electronic gift card from an activation date

Use the drop-down list to select the number of months a gift card is to remain active after it is activated. The offset determines when the gift card will expire in relation to its activation date.

With an offset of 24, a gift card that is activated on July 1, 2015, remains active through July 1, 2017.  

Allow multiple captures for single authorization.

Boolean Yes (1) / No (0) /Default (0)

Use this setting to specify whether the project supports multiple payment captures per authorization when an order contains multiple shipments.
1 = Yes, 0 = No

Allow multiple gift card payments?

Default is No. Yes (1) / No (0)

Use this setting to specify whether more than one gift card can be used in payment for a single order.
1 = Yes, 0 = No

Does merchant use Payment Exceptions?

The following are the payment-related exceptions:

  • Order amount (in dollars) exceeds the specified threshold.
  • Specific payment gateway errors. For example, AVS mismatch 

1 = Yes, 0 = No

Payment release horizon

This setting allows you set the number of days prior to shipping a continuity bundle line when the payment of the shipment must be captured.

If true, the Member Credit Status will be checked before allowing a purchase order payment.

If you are accepting PO as a method of payment, the member profile in EDGE must have the "PO" payment type selected.
1 = Yes/True, 0 = No/False


When you have finished all of the procedures described in EDGE Payments and Payment Services, the EDGE configuration for payment-related functions and providers is complete.


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