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EDGE administrators can now create and define “Order Channels” for use in reserving inventory. Based on configuration settings, reallocation or adjustment of inventory reservations across an order channel can be made globally or on a per SKU basis.

Order Channels can be configured with the following parameters:

  • Maximum percentage of stock allowed per order for the current order channel (for all or specific SKUs)
  • Minimum stock that must be reserved for the current order channel (for all or specific SKUs)
  • Applicable billing codes
  • Applicable SKUs

Order channels are created and used at the merchant level. The channel configuration settings are applied to order placement and backorder release functions.

FYI . . .

Refer to New System Admin and Service Module Functions for important information regarding user access to the described list and functions.



A new Order Channels option has been added to the System Admin>Merchant navigation menu.


The Order Channel List page has been added in System Admin>Merchant.

All recent “JP-Grid” features for list page column manipulation and pagination controls are implemented (such as those described for Billing Code List Page Enhancements).


The following interactive pages have been added in or can be accessed from System Admin>Merchant>Order Channels.

  • Create Order Channel
  • Order Channel Details
  • Billing Codes List (accessed from Order Channel Details, upgraded in System Admin>Merchant>Billing Codes, as described in Billing Code List Page Enhancements)
  • SKU List (for order channel selection)
  • Update Order Channel

 Business Benefit

The ability to define order channels helps merchants manage inventory more effectively across multiple order channels.

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