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Merchants can now use an alternate customized “template” provider to format an event notification email. This allows for authoring of mobile friendly (responsive) email notifications.



Freemaker has been added as a provider for customized email templates.


Use the "Report Name" field when creating or modifying an event to override the default event format. The file extension must be ".ftl"

3.Two Freemaker templates are available (built-in) for use immediately. These are "Order Placed", OrderPlacedConfirmationEmail.ftl and "Order Shipped" OrderShippedConfirmationEmail.ftl

 Business Benefit

The ability to use Freemaker as a notification event provider allows for mobile friendly (responsive) formatting.

Figure 1: preview of standard email template next to Freemaker email template for Order Placed notification.

Standard Email Template

Freemaker Email Template

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