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The Data Upload function has been enhanced with the following:

  • Data loads can now be performed for Promotion data in addition to Price List and Marketing Source data.
  • New Data Group field is used to select from a list of data group categories, including Price List, Promotion and Marketing Source.
  • Data Type field is now used to select a specific type of data for data file creation and/or upload based on which data group is selected.
  • New Download Template link is used to download templates for use in creating a data file for the selected data type.
  • New Action field used to select whether to “Add” a new data file or “Update” existing data.



Promotion data is now supported for data load.


A new Data Group drop-down menu has been added to the System Admin>EDGE Setup>Data Load>Data Upload page.
Options include Promotion, Price List and Marketing Source.


The Data Type drop-down menu now lists specific types of data based on the selected data group.


A new Download Template link has been added to the Data Upload page. Clicking the link triggers the download of a template file for the selected data type in xlsx format.


A new Action field has been added to the Data Upload page. Options include “Add” and “Update.”

Business Benefit

The capability for data loads to be initiated from within EDGE results in increased efficiency in the new client on-boarding process and for existing clients with mass data updates.

FYI . . .

xlsx is a file extension for an open XML spreadsheet file format used by Microsoft Excel.

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