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Database administrators and support personnel can now execute data loads of price list and marketing source information in CSV format from within EDGE.

The capability for loading the information into the EDGE database eliminates the need for passing Excel templates between the merchant and data base administrators.

FYI . . .

Refer to New System Admin and Service Module Functions  for important information regarding user access to the described list and functions.



A new Data Load option has been added to the System Admin>EDGE Setup navigation menu.


The Data Load list page has been added in System Admin>EDGE Setup.


All recent UI “grid” features for list page column manipulation and pagination controls are implemented. Refer to Billing Code List Page Enhancements for related information about list manipulation features.


An interactive Data Upload page has been added in System Admin>Data Uploads.

This page is used for defining and initiating a data load.

Business Benefit

The capability for data loads to be initiated from within EDGE results in increased efficiency in the new client on-boarding process and for existing clients with mass data updates.[MM1] 

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