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This summary lists the patches and changes made to the EDGE platform in the EDGE 16.10.1 maintenance release.

Issue #


EDGE6I-6059The issue that caused the characters "<" and ">" to be displayed as "&lt." and "&gt;" in the gift message of an outbound Sales Order message has been resolved.
EDGE6I-6049The issue that caused EDGE to inadvertently select unwanted dynamic field values when selected values were submitted has been fixed.
EDGE6I-6048The size limit for the "Possible Values" dynamic field values has been increased to 4000.


The Catalog>Catalog Detail>Assign Catalog Rules page has been redesigned to provide EDGE users with options for how to view information about associated categories.

Choices include:

  • The user can view and maintain the catalog rule(s) regardless of what categories are associated with the catalog.
    The "Remove"  option in this view removes the Demand Rule for the catalog, regardless of the categories.
  • The user can view and maintain the catalog rule(s) for each category associated with the catalog only when necessary.
    The "Remove" option in this view removes the Demand Rule for the catalog only for the specific category.

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