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These release notes describe the improvements and changes made to the EDGE platform for the EDGE 16.47.0-16.xx.0 releases.

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Changes and enhancements are described in:  

Customer Management | 16.47-16.49

Integration | 16.47-16.49

Logistics | 16.47-16.49

Notifications | 16.47-16.49

Order Management | 16.47-16.49

User Interface | 16.47-16.49

System Support and Admin | 16.47-16.49

Resolved Issues | 16.47-16.49


This information may be viewed by and distributed to both internal Jagged Peak employees and Jagged Peak clients.

Version History

Document Version

EDGE VersionDate CreatedCreated/ Updated ByDescription/Reason
v0.116.47.08/26/2020David P. BrownCreated page
v1.016.47.08/27/2020David P. BrownPublished
v2.016.48.09/28/2020David P. BrownPublished
v3.016.49.010/26/2020David P. BrownPublished.

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