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This summary lists the patches made to the EDGE platform in the EDGE 16.8.2 maintenance release.


An issue that caused Autoship scheduled tasks to initiate but fail to run has been resolved.

2.The OpenTools Order Shipped message was unable to complete processing when the values were empty for the LOT and Serialnumber nodes in the xml file under /Message/Body/ORDERSHIPMENT/ORDERHEADER/CARTON_CONTENT/CARTON_LOT_SERIALS/CARTON_LOT_SERIAL. The message can now be processed when the values in the LOT and Serialnumber nodes are null.Fixed
3.An issue that caused the stock quantity to decrease twice, both when the "Pick" and then "Ship" actions were performed has been resolved in the StorePoint and Vendor Portal provider applications.Fixed
 4.The following Agile FTO order issues have been resolved:
  • When calling the createMember API, processing could not continue with a null value for the MemberOriginID parameter, though a value is not required.
  • An error was issued if a member ID number was not passed when calling createAutoshipOrderHeader, though there is no matching method/function.
 5.An issue that caused the failure of autoship orders placed from the Agile guest checkout has been resolved. Fixed
 6.The OpenTools Inventory Import and Catalog import messages were failing to process when multiple projects were defined for a single merchant. This issue has been resolved Fixed
 7. An issue that caused the processoutgoing scheduled task to run indefinitely has been resolved. Fixed

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