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This summary lists the patches made to the EDGE platform in the EDGE 16.8.3 maintenance release.




The problem that caused a Railo error to be issued when an attempt was made to copy an order from the EDGE>Orders>Order Details page has been resolved.  


There was a problem in the Customer Service Portal where, though an alternate "ship to" address was specified after adding an item to the cart, the original default address was still being assigned to subsequently added items. Upon submission, an error message was issued and the order failed. This problem has been resolved.

 3.In the Back Office module, all tracking numbers associated with an order shipped with multiple packages are now included in the Shipping Information section of the Order Details page for "Completed" orders. This resolves the problem where just one tracking number was listed even though multiple packages were shipped. Fixed
 4.EDGE was allowing a user to reset their password using their current password or a previously used password. An error is now issued when a current or previous password is used for password reset and processing does not continue. Fixed
 5.EDGE no longer incorrectly requires that a value be provided in the State/Province field of the EDGE>System Admin>EDGE Setup>Users>Create EDGE User page when the default locale for the project is "Singapore," which is a city-state and, therefore, has no associated states or provinces. Fixed
 6.The problem that allowed the OpenTools Category Import message to import successfully without assigning files to the associated category has been resolved. Fixed
7.The problem where the Member Add/Edit log failed to display the Dynamic Field values from the Member Import xml file has been resolved. Fixed
 8.The problem that allowed inventory to be reduced to a negative "On-Hand" value In StorePoint and the Vendor Portal has been resolved. An error message is now issued and processing cannot continue when an attempt is made to reduce the on-hand value to an amount lower than zero. Fixed
9.An XSD has been developed and validated for the Open Tools Inventory Adjustment message. Done
 10.An XSD has been developed and validated for the Open Tools ASN Shipment Receipt Notification message. Done

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