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These Release Notes describe the improvements and changes made to the EDGE platform for the EDGE 6i.15.5 release.

The EDGE 6i.15 releases overall focus on three key areas: Integration, general enhancements and new functionality. Including the more than 50 enhancements described here for release 6i.15.5, a total of more than 100 improvements have been made to the EDGE platform in the 6i.15 releases. These changes are part of Jagged Peak's product roadmap and have been implemented in accordance with the Jagged Peak Customer First initiative.

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Changes and enhancements are described in:


This information may be distributed both to internal Jagged Peak employees and Jagged Peak clients.

Version History


EDGE Version

Date Created
Updated By

V1.015.5.004/22/2016MAMInitial version
V1.115.5.010/19/2016MAM  In the OpenTools Enhancements section, updated list of Inventory Import message elements no longer specified as “Required.”
V1.215.5.011/28/2016 MAM
  •  In the Customer Service section:
    • Function added to trigger error in CSP, suspend order capture process when order limit rules exceeded.
    • Saved orders can now be edited and canceled from CSP customer order history.
  • In the Notifications section, Notifications list displays number of notifications created under each event.
  • In the Reports section, a “Safety Stock” column has been added to the Inventory Stock report and exported Excel file.
  • In the System Admin section:
    • “Item Type” parameter added for Authorization Info.
    • “giftCharge” project setting now  allows flat amount for gift wrapping charge per item.
  • In the Integration section:
    • New “giftCharge” element added to Order Import message.
    • Multiple new elements added in Sales Order message.
    • Dynamic Fields elements added in Member Add/Edit, Member Import, Sales Order and Order Import messages.
    • New “Remove Catalog-Inventory Associations” message type setting added for the OpenTools Catalog Import message.
    • “LocaleCode” element added to Catalog Import message.
    • “MessageType” element specified as “Required” in all OpenTools messages.
    • Three new nodes for order-related EASIF Web services methods.
  • In the Provider Applications section:
    • New organization icon on the Shipment Details page.
V1.315.5.112/05/2016MAM In the Deployment section, a new, streamlined process for EDGE code deployment has been implemented.
V1.4 15.5.101/04/2017MAM 
  • In the Promotions/Rules section:
    • Improved catalog rule assignment process implemented.
  • In the Integration section:
    • New Sales Order message type setting added.
    • In Member Import message, new “action” attribute on Member and addresses elements.
    • In Catalog Import message, CatalogName required when LocaleCode provided.
    • In Category Import message: CategoryName required when LocaleCode provided; value for Project now required.
    • In the Outgoing Invoice message, the MemberNumber element has been added under .../OrderHeader/MemberDetails
        • The RECEIPTID element has been removed from the ASN/Shipment Receipt message.
 V1.515.5.1 07/27/2017 MAM
  • In the Customer section, the customer search function provides a greater date range.
  • In the Notifications section, a custom notification details template provided for event notification email.
  • In the System Admin section:
    • Added a new Reports related project setting.
    • Added ability to bypass site-wide SSL for Agile domains.
  • In EAISF Enhancements section, new element added to the Order Header Web service orderDetail.
  • In the Integration section, a new “action” attribute has been added for the Member Import Groups and Group elements.
 V1.6 15.5.1 08/23/2017 MAM In the Notifications section, changes to Work Order Complete notification emails.


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