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The EDGE Release Notes provide information about the enhancements and changes made for each version/release of the EDGE program.

Jagged Peak releases EDGE updates at regular intervals, providing new features and performance improvements with each new version or release. Versions are considered major enhancements to the application and may include new modules and functionality. EDGE updates include all changes made to the current version since it was last released. Updates are cumulative in that they contain all modifications made to the program in previous releases.

FYI . . .

The EDGE version number contains three sections:

  • Version - indicates significant new code/major changes and product enhancements
  • Release number - indicates general updates, improvements and resolved issues
    (New releases of EDGE are provided at this level throughout each year on a regularly scheduled basis)
  • Modification (or Revision) level - for maintenance, "bug" fixes and other interim changes 

For example, in EDGE 16.0.0, the version is 16, the release number is 0 and the modification level is 0, indicating that this is the initial release of version 16 before any additional interim updates or modifications have been made. With the next general update of this version, the release number will be increased by 1, as in 16.1, then 16.2 and so forth. In some instances, additional modification ("bug" fixes) will be required before the next scheduled release. In that case, the modification number will be incremented for each interim update (e.g., 16.1.1, then 16.1.2 and so forth).

EDGE Version/Release:

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