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This guide describes the procedures and settings you can use to configure third party tax calculation services for the Jagged Peak EDGE eCommerce platform.

Tax Calculation Services

The third party tax calculation services supported in EDGE provide real-time tax calculation support via secure Internet connection for orders placed through a merchant's Agile website, through the EDGE Customer Service and Manual Order portals or through Order Import. Each of the supported tax calculation services are designed to manage complicated tax compliance regulations by state/province, local and other taxing authorities within the United States and Canada. In the case of Avalara and CyberSource, international support is also provided. The services instantly apply the correct sales tax based on product taxability rules, relevant exemption status and precise, roof-top-level geolocation and address-validation technology.

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The configuration and settings described here are applicable to EDGE Version 6i.15.0 and above.


The information provided in this guide may be viewed by and distributed to both internal Jagged Peak employees and Jagged Peak clients.


If you need additional information or assistance, please get in touch with your Jagged Peak account executive or contact Jagged Peak using one of these options:

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