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System administrators can now use the EDGE user interface to add electronic gift card numbers and PINs to the EDGE database for payment providers/authorizers that are both configured to provide gift card support and that require the numbers to be pre-loaded in EDGE and then sent to the authorizer for activation. These electronic gift cards can be used as the payment type for refunds and to fulfill customer gift card orders. In order for the authorizers to activate an electronic gift card for either purpose, a valid gift card number must always be available in the database.



Support for loading gift card numbers with associated PINs through the EDGE System Admin UI has been added.


A "Load Gift Cards" link has been added to the "Authorizer Details" page in EDGE>System Admin>EDGE Setup>Authorizers

  Note: The link is active only for authorizers that are configured to provide gift card support.

Business Benefit
The ability for merchants to add gift cards through the EDGE user interface helps ensure that there is always an ample supply of electronic gift cards available for refunds and for fulfillment and activation upon customer request.

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