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The Melissa Data address validation service now defaults to “Residential” for non-USPS address matches. These are rural and other atypical addresses that are not serviced by the USPS but actually do exist and are able to receive deliveries through alternate carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and others.

Previously, non-USPS addresses were often assumed by the RBDI to be business addresses and would initially be assigned incorrectly to commercial delivery services. This resulted in additional carrier charges for the adjustments that had to be made from commercial to residential services.



Melissa Data address validation now recognizes non-USPS addresses as residential.

Business Benefit

Using “residential” as the default for non-USPS addresses decreases the frequency and amount of adjustment charges incurred by merchants as a result of commercial delivery services being assigned incorrectly.

FYI . . .

RBDI = residential or business delivery indicator, a tool used by Melissa Data to identify address types.

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