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A new “Net” column has been added to the Inventory Activity report and to the CSV output.

The Inventory Activity report displays all inbound inventory transactions and adjustments against a SKU's on-hand quantity. The quantity on-hand and quantity on-hold are maintained on both inventory and non-inventory items. The report now maintains a running balance against the on-hand position and displays this value in the “Net” column.


The proper calculation of the “Net” column is dependent on the default report sorting, which needs to be in this order:
    1. Date
    2. SKU
    3. Provider
The sorting must be in the above order for the “Net” column to be calculated properly.
The “Net” is calculated starting from a “Balance” or “Inventory Synchronization” adjustment quantity. Each subsequent row for the same SKU and Provider will keep decrementing from that value to calculate the “Net” value.



A “Net” column has been added to Reports>Inventory>Inventory Activity.


A “Net” column has been added to the CSV output from the Inventory Activity report.

Business Benefit

The information provided in the new “Net” column provides merchants with a more complete accounting of on-hand inventory.

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