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A new Communication Events Log has been implemented in the Notifications module.  

The log lists notification emails for all communication event types triggered for orders and provides the ability for a user to resend any listed email, as necessary.

The log contains columns with the following data:

  • Event Type – with sortable predefined filter
  • Event Name – with sortable text filter
  • Event Date – with sortable calendar filter
  • Order Header ID – with sortable number filter
  • EMail – with sortable text filter
       The following is also included for each event:
  • Resend - pop-up icon and form for resending notification emails

The Communication Events Log is accessed from within the Notifications module or via a link on the Order Detail page for an associated order.

FYI . . .

Refer to New Service Function for Communication Events Log for important information regarding user access to the described log.



A new Communication Events Log page has been added at Notifications>List>Event Log. The default view lists all notification emails for all orders.


A new “Order Notifications” link has been added to the Orders>List>Orders>Orders List>Order Detail page. Clicking the link opens a Communication Events Log page that is populated with all notification email listings for the current order only.


A new popup icon (  ) for each listing links to a new Send Email page.

The Send Email page includes original email contents (unless classified) with configurable recipient (To, CC, BCC) fields.

Business Benefit

The new Communication Events Log allows merchants to view all order-related notifications and resend any notification email, as necessary.

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