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A new kit type of “Dynamic Build to Order” has been added for kits that can be built to customer specifications.

A Dynamic Build to Order (DBTO) allows the customer to direct how a custom kit should be built from a specified group of items assigned to the kit for selection. That is, the DBTO kit is created from a specified group of inventory SKUs. During order placement, the customer selects which items in the group they want to be included in their custom kit, as well as how many of each item to include.

Refer to items #1 and #2 in OpenTools Message Enhancements for related information.



“Dynamic Build to Order” has been added as an option in the Kit Type drop down menu on the Inventory>SKU>SKU Details>Kit Details>Edit Kit Header page.


The Edit Kit Detail page has been modified to add a Max Quantity field for use in specifying the maximum number of items that can be included in a DBTO kit.

This field is only available when “Dynamic Build to Order” is selected in the Kit Type field.


The Kit Detail page has been modified to add the Max Quantity field and eliminate the Qty field, which is not applicable for a DBTO kit.

Business Benefit

The “Dynamic Build to Order” kit enables merchants to give their customers the ability to customize products to meet their needs and preferences, helping to increase customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

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