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The “FutureOrders_ShipmentRelease_LeadTime” setting is now available in Order Related Project Settings. When activated, this optional setting is used in calculating a future release date for orders based on the WMS preparation time needed for the shipment. The value for this setting is defined in business days. The setting is not necessary if the WMS does not require lead time.

Refer to Support for Future Delivery Window and OpenTools Message Enhancements for related information.



The “FutureOrders_ShipmentRelease_LeadTime” setting is now available in System Admin>EDGE Setup>Project Settings>Order Related.

Business Benefit

When a value is provided, the new project setting enables EDGE to automatically take lead time for the WMS into consideration when calculating an order’s future release date.

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  1. Unknown User (ragepog)

    Margaret Mays is there a logic in place that will trap orderimports where end date is before start date? 

    Delivery Window Start Date/Time06/19/19 07:00
    Delivery Window End Date/Time06/17/19 07:00

    1. Unknown User (ragepog)
      Response from QA:
      There is no validation in place for when an order is imported with the delivery window end date before the start date. The end date is just an information field and is not involved in the future order release logic.