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The New Order List report (introduced in EDGE 16.18.0), which was implemented using the enhanced “JP-Grid” column manipulation and pagination features, is now the default format displayed when a user first accesses the EDGE Reports module or selects Reports>Orders/List in the navigation menu.

Users can access the report in the original format via the “Switch to Legacy Report” button on the New Order List page.



The New Order List report in “JP-Grid” format is now the default view of the report.


A “Switch to Legacy Report” link is now provided on the UI for the New Order List report. Selection of this link accesses the Orders List report in the original format.


Selection of Orders>List in the Reports module navigation menu accesses the New Order List report in the new, “JP-Grid” format.

Business Benefit

Providing the enhanced New Order List report as the default format ensures that EDGE users have ready access to the most advanced list page functions and page performance, while still accommodating alternate user preferences.

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