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The enhanced “Orders List” is provided in an efficient new format that returns large amounts of data in a quicker response time than the original “Orders List” page format. This is now the default view of the Orders List.

The new version of the list has been implemented using “JP-Grid” column manipulation and pagination features that provide considerable flexibility in filtering the data and in arranging, showing/hiding and sorting columns and otherwise controlling the display of the list.

Refer to New Service Function for Orders List for important information regarding user access to this list page and its described features.



The Orders>List>Orders List page is now provided in tabular format using “JP-Grid” functionality.

2.A “Switch to Legacy Format” link is provided on the enhanced Orders List page. Clicking this link opens a version of the list in its original format.
(From the legacy list page, clicking Orders>List> in the left navigation menu reopens the enhanced version of the list.)

Business Benefit

The enhanced “Orders List” improves client productivity by substantially decreasing the time it takes to filter and return large amounts of order information.

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