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Compared to the original format, substantial improvements in performance have been achieved for generating and loading an enhanced Return Orders List containing a large number of records.

The enhanced version of the list, which was introduced in EDGE 16.21.0, uses “JP-Grid” list generation, manipulation and pagination functionality. In addition to performance improvements, these features provide considerable flexibility in filtering the data and in arranging, showing/hiding and sorting columns and otherwise controlling the display of the list. 

Testing yielded the following example results:

Total Records

Original Format

Enhanced Format



13.590 sec

~1.07 sec



16.017 sec

~1.27 sec




A Return Orders List containing very large amounts of data can now be generated in a timely and efficient manner.

Business Benefit

The enhanced Return Orders List improves merchant productivity by decreasing the time it takes to access and output large amounts of return order information.

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