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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in this release.

Issue #

Issue Description


The issue where EDGE/CMS-powered websites were found to be vulnerable to HTTP proxy injection has been resolved.


The problem that caused the wrong number of records to be displayed in the Providers list when filtering on Records Per Page has been fixed.


The problem that caused the error message “Server is currently unavailable or down for maintenance” to be issued when attempt made to download Excel output for Reports>Orders>Warehouse report has been fixed.


The issue where the Stock Activity report in CSV format from the WMS shows the Quantity as a decimal value has been resolved.


The problem where SKUs were not available for selection when needed to be added to a work order because the code was looking for an incorrect inventoryID has been fixed.


The issue where saved orders were redirected to the Order Header page when Provider Optimization was set to “No” in the manual order portal has been resolved.


The problem that caused orders to fail with error "...Provider in message does not match providers in Order" when a SKU was released to a new provider has been fixed.


The issue where Add to Cart was not being triggered by clicking on product name from the wish list section in an EDGE/CMS-powered website has been resolved.


The problem that caused all communication events from multiple projects to be displayed under a single merchant has been fixed.


The problem that kept inventory associations from being updated when multiple Catalog Imports were included in a single file when MTM setting “REMOVE CATALOG-INVENTORY ASSOCIATIONS " was set to "Yes" has been fixed.

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