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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in this release.

Issue #

Issue Description


The problem that caused Data Group and Data Type to be changed into Inventory and Inventory Catalog Association when the data was uploaded via Catalog and Catalog Inventory Association has been fixed.


The issue where the ASN/Shipment Receipt message intermittently failed to process has been resolved.


The problem experienced by Nespresso that caused a 500 Internal Server Error to be generated when the link for shipping details was selected on the Order Line Detail page has been fixed.


The problem that caused a SKU that is configured as “replaceable” but not “returnable” displayed the option “Replace Immediately” instead of just “Replace w/o Return” in the Action drop-down menu on the Order Return page has been fixed.


The issue where, for a refund order, the total amount of the order was being refunded to the first gift certificate when multiple gift certificates were originally used for payment has been resolved.


The problem that caused the contents of the Provider Name field to truncate in a “Low Stock by ATP” notification email has been fixed.


The issue where the submodule to control “Report Order Summary” was missing under the “Application Reports” module has been resolved.


The problem where the filter control for the Authorizer column was implemented as a Text filter instead of a Set filter (list of predefined values) in the Payment Methods section of the Orders>Payments report has been fixed.


The issue where an additional, duplicate “Authorizer” column was being displayed in the Order Payments section of the Orders>Payments report has been resolved.

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