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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in this release.

Issue #

Issue Description


The issue where the expand/collapse icon on the left navigation panel behaved differently than on the vertical module selection panel has been resolved.


The issue where the “Year” field from the current year was not available on the Edit Promotion page when the promotion was created with a future “Start Date” has been resolved.


The problem where the Order Import message failed to process successfully when no value was provided for the “destinationprovidercode” element has been fixed.


The issue where the main category was not expanding to show the active subcategories when categories were being assigned to a catalog item has been resolved.


The problem where the “Also Bought” block rendered repeat items on EDGE/CMS-powered websites has been fixed.


The problem that caused catalog items to remain visible on the front end past the end of its category assignment date range has been fixed.


The issue where the state sales tax breakdown was not displaying correctly in the CSP customerService.orderConfirmation page has been resolved.


The problem where the OpenTools log included sale transaction information only (omitting authorization information) for Sales Order messages for orders with multiple payment types has been fixed.


Testing has verified support for Cash, COD and Gift Certificate as payment types in Order Import message.


The problem where an RMA could not be created when identical reason codes were used in multiple projects has been fixed.


The issue where incorrect release dates were displayed on the Order Detail pages for imported orders that had future release dates has been resolved.


The issue where the email notification was not getting triggered after customer pickup confirmation in StorePoint/Vendor Portal has been resolved.


The problem that caused an amount greater than the authorized amount for a shipping refund to be refunded to the gift card when the line refund is processed via bulk for a multi-payment, multi-capture order (CC + GC) has been fixed.


The misspelling of “Shipment” in the provider optimization log record has been corrected to read “"Provider Optimization skipped because the Order's settings prevent this Shipment from being optimized."


The problem that caused shipments to be unavailable for a replacement order created using the “createReturn” Web service has been fixed.


The EDGE Customer Service Portal (CSP) now allows addresses for the United Arab Emirates to process successfully without zip codes.


The issue where the shipping address was being truncated in the Shipment Notification and Outgoing Invoice messages generated from an Order Import message that included a shipping address exceeding 35 characters has been resolved.


The issue where the Edit button under the Shipment Information and Shipping Address was not disabled when the user did not have access to “RMA Edit Address” and “RMA Edit Ship Info” has been resolved.


The problem that caused an incorrect quantity to be displayed in the Shipped field of an EDGE/CMS-powered website for an order with multiple providers has been resolved.


The problem where an order refund/appeasement could not be processed when the return order was completed before payment was captured for the original order has been fixed.


The issue where the EDGE Integration Reference included an incorrect description for the /Message/Head/Sender/SystemID element in the Sales Order message has been resolved.


In theOrder Import message, the time zone component is now supported in the date and time specified in the “deliverywindowstart” and “deliverywindowend” elements under /Message/body/orderimport/orderheader/

The supported format is now: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ


The EDGE favicon has been updated with the current EDGE icon.

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