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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in this release.

Issue #

Issue Description


The issue where a rerun could not be performed on a failed refund attempt has been resolved.


The following issues have been resolved:

  • The Catalog Search function in the EDGE Customer Service Portal (CSP) was not working when used in combination with the status filter.
  • User was not able to navigate to different pages of the search results.


The problem where the “Received” column was not being updated for an ASN received for a replacement order with a different SKU has been fixed.


The issue where a replacement order could not be release manually when multiple lines were replaced has been resolved.


The problem that caused an Auto Include to fail when “Filter between Order Characteristics” is set to “AND” and no Billing Code value is specified has been fixed.


JDM (Java Data Mining) has been updated to the new OpenJDK, the open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE).


Use temp location under d:\Deploy instead of. c:\tmp.
Using c:\tmp with Open JDK will causes JDM to fail to deploy artifacts.


The problem that caused Jenkins to fail intermittently during a DB Version check in a Production environment with a cluster configuration has been fixed.


Comprehensive data validation will now be done on the checkout page for EDGE/CMS-powered websites. With this function, error messages applicable for each situation will be generated, as necessary.

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