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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in this release.

Issue #

Issue Description

EDGE6I-7159The issue where the return summary page provider available in the "Return Provider" field is as per replacement SKU provider instead of original order SKU provider has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12326The issue where erroneous Gift Card activated as alternate refund is displayed under Gift Card used during order processing has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12346The issue where Gift Card1 and Gift Card2 order cancelled via exception, the void transaction is saved only for Gift Card1 has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12426The issue where reserved hyperlink only shows 'Sales Order' but doesn’t show associated Work Orders for SKU Stock Position has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12427The issue where Order Import with Member Budget Payment methods fails when "Update Member" Message Type Parameter is set to "Yes" has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12594The issue where Reject and Cancel Reason Codes added in a multi-project merchant only display if added to the first Project has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12740The issue where "QTY EXPECTED" column showing an incorrect value for the ASN generated for a BTO SKU replacement order has been resolved.
EDGE6I-12751The issue where entering payment information for credit card in EDGE Customer Service Portal>Order Entry Page, the CVV field should only accept numeric data, has been resolved.
EDGE6I-13087The issue where the EDGE Content Management Page incorrect block drag/drop behavior has been resolved.
EDGE6I-13134The issue where integration with the Clutch Gift Card Provider results in a connection failure has been resolved.
EDGE6I-13143The issue where the Analytics Module is not available via the new EDGE User Interface has been resolved.
EDGE6I-13174The issue where visited hyperlinks are not represented in an alternate color  in the new EDGE User Interface has been resolved.
EDGE6I-13204The performance issues exhibited by the new System Administration>Integration>OpenTools Log Page have been resolved.

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