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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in the 16.15.0 release.

Issue #

Issue Description


The issue where a ship discount applied on the cart page for a guest user was not carried over to the checkout page in Amazon Pay has been resolved.


The problem that caused all three ATP values of the SKU (Normal, Backorder and NonATP) to be displayed in the JSON notification email for Stock, Low Stock, Low Stock by Provider and Low Stock by ATP has been fixed.


The issue where the Rebuild Search Index code was not checking and clearing the “index” type and update IDs for an existing batch/queue, thereby resulting in a Railo error has been resolved.


The issue where an extra refund call is made in error to a third party payment provider when the amount is “0.00” has been resolved.


The problem where the table edgeMaster.dbo.AuthorizerErrorMessage contains orphan records and has records associated with the PayPal provider when they should be associated with Authorize.Net has been fixed.


The heading label for the “Order Date” column in the Catalog Shipped report has been changed to “Shipment Date” to be more descriptive of the provided information. In addition, the label for the status filter in the filter section has been changed from “Order Status” to “Shipment Status” to match the corresponding column in the report.

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