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This section lists the issues resolved and patches made to the EDGE platform in the 16.17.0 release.

Issue #

Issue Description


The problem that caused Melissa Data to put valid addresses into exception status has been fixed.


The issue where the Start Date stored in the database is one day earlier than the date displayed in the EDGE user interface has been resolved.


The issue that caused Agile sites to randomly report timeout errors and not load has been resolved.


The problem where the “Return/Exchange” link was not available on the Order Detail page for a replacement order when a SKU was manually released to the provider has been fixed.


Maven has been updated to version 3.5.4 on the Jenkins DEV, QA and Prod servers.


The issue where the UTC date and time are displayed in the Excel output from the Payment Transactions report has been resolved.


The problem where the outgoing message control was getting struck with incorrect Order Import confirmations has been fixed.


The problem that caused a payment exception as a result of a class loader issue has been fixed.


The problem that caused autoship orders to fail when using payment provider Litle (Vantiv) has been fixed.


The problem that caused checkout pages to generate error “The page you requested could not be found. Please check the URL and try again” has been fixed.


The problem that caused payment authorization failures has been fixed.

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