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The merchant for whom a tax calculation service provider is being configured must have an active account with the provider and provide some specific information in order to accurately configure the necessary settings in the EDGE System Admin module, as  described inConfigure EDGE Tax Related Project Settings.

The information needed for each tax services provider currently supported in EDGE is provided below under Tax Calculation Services Providers.

In addition, you need to obtain a listing of "product tax codes" from each provider, as applicable. You will refer to the codes when you configure the tax class types described in Configure EDGE Tax Classes.

FYI . . .

  • Tax codes are unique labels or code names for groupings of sales taxes applied to categories of related products/services or for shipping and handling.
  • In this context, the term "providers" refers to companies that support a merchant by providing calculation services for taxes due on sales of their goods and/or services. Tax calculation services providers are among a variety of organizations, including payment services providers, fulfillment providers and shipping carriers, that are needed to support an eCommerce business.

Tax Calculation Services Providers

Before you begin the EDGE configuration, please obtain the information listed below directly from the provider you will be using for tax calculations.


Only one tax calculation service provider at a time may be configured per project.

Obtain the following information directly from Avalara:

  • Avalara Account Number
  • Avalara Company Code
  • Avalara License Key
  • Avalara Web Service URL
  • Product Tax Codes

Obtain the following information directly from CyberSource:

Obtain the following information directly from StrikeIron:

  • Strikeiron Login User Name
  • Strikeiron Login Password
  • Product Tax Codes

Obtain the following information directly from Vertex:

  • Vertex O Series Company Code
  • Vertex O Series User Name
  • Vertex O Series Password
  • Vertex O Series Quotation Request URL
  • Product Tax Codes

To continue . . .

In addition to tax services provider information, you may also need to obtain some customer information. For information, continue with Member/Customer Information

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