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In addition to the inbound message support announced in EDGE 16.27.0, EDGE now supports a REST-based exchange for several outbound  OpenTools messages. These messages are each triggered by a particular EDGE event and sent to an external system.

The following messages are now provided via REST services in JSON format:

  • ShipOrder – used to direct the WMS to initiate the fulfillment process for a sales order that has not yet shipped. It is triggered after an order is captured and has been successfully processed in EDGE.
  • ASNAddEdit – used to deliver an advanced ship notice (ASN) to the warehouse management system (WMS). It is triggered when an EDGE user creates or edits an ASN or an ASN Import message is received and processed by OpenTools.
  • SKUAddEdit – used to alert the WMS that either new inventory has been entered into EDGE or existing inventory details have been updated. It is triggered when an inventory record is either created or updated in EDGE.