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This guide describes the procedures and settings needed to configure EDGE for a variety of order payment types and for the credit and gift card payment service providers/authorizers supported in the Jagged Peak eCommerce platform.

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Payments and Payment Services Providers/Authorizers 

The ability to accept and process valid forms of payment is critical to any order management system. A merchant must be able to provide a variety of options to meet its customers' initial payment needs as well as their return order requirements. EDGE provides configuration parameters that you can use to define and manage each supported payment type and its associated alternatives and refund policies.

Credit cards and gift cards are two of the most common forms of online payment and authorization for those payment is required for both cardholders and card merchant accounts. To support those payment types, EDGE also provides a comprehensive set of configuration parameters you can use to define and manage each supported payment services provider/authorizer for credit cards and gift cards.

Follow the procedures below in the order listed to configure EDGE to enable use payment-related functions and support payment services providers/authorizers.


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The configuration and settings described here are applicable to EDGE Version 6i.15.5 and above.


This guide may be viewed and/or distributed both to internal Jagged Peak employees and Jagged Peak clients.


If you need additional information or assistance, please get in touch with your Jagged Peak account executive or contact Jagged Peak using one of these options: