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 To configure project payment types:

  1. Click System AdminImage Removed in the Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
  2. Select EDGE SETUP > Merchants from the left navigation menu. The EDGE MERCHANTS list page opens.
  3. Click the View Details link associated with a merchant. The EDGE Merchant Details page opens.
  4. Click . The EDGE Projects list page opens.
  5. Click the View Details link associated with a project. The EDGE Project Details page opens.
  6. Scroll to the Project Payment Types section. (If necessary, clickto expand the section.)

  7. Click to modify the payment type parameters. The Update Project Payment Types page opens.

    Here you can do the following for each payment type:
    • Enable or disable the payment type:
      Only enabled payment types are available as payment options when an order is captured in the Customer Service Portal (CSP) or Manual Order process and in an EDGE member profile. (Member profiles are defined in the EDGE Customer module.)

      In the Enabled drop-down list:
      • Select True to enable a payment type.
      • Select False to disable a payment type.

        A payment type that is already enabled cannot be disabled when there are any member profiles in the same project associated with that payment type. A red box is displayed around the Enabled field, as shown below, to indicate when a member profile is associated with a payment type.

        The payment type that you want to disable must be deselected in the Payment Types field on the Update Member page of the member profile for each affected member before you can disable the payment type for the project. Member profiles are created and maintained in the EDGE Customer module.

    • Specify whether the payment type supports refunds:
      Use the Refund Enabled setting to indicate whether or not refunds can be made to a payment type that supports refunds.  

      In the Refund Enabled drop-down list:
      • Select True to allow refunds to the payment type.