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A text box for “Delivery Notes” is now provided in addition to the “Ship Notes” that can be entered for an order placed in the Customer Service Portal (CSP). The new delivery notes are intended used to provide information to carriers that handle transport and make delivery for the orders.

The delivery notes are displayed on all pages that provide shipment information (such as the EDGE “Order Shipment Details” page and the “Shipment Details” page in StorePoint and the Vendor Portal) and are included in the associated “Sales Order” and “Shipment Notification” OpenTools messages.



A “Delivery Notes” input field is now provided via the Notes button in the Shipment section of the order entry page in Customer Service>Order Entry.


A “Delivery Notes” field is now provided on the EDGE Orders>List>Order

Detail> Order

Detail>Order Shipment Details page.


A “Delivery Notes” field is now provided on the StorePoint/Vendor Portal Shipments>Shipment Details page.

Business Benefit

Delivery notes make it possible for important information needed at the time of delivery to be provided directly to the carrier.