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The Data Load user interface can now be used to export existing data into the "template" format allowing for editing of that data and then importing of the updates.

titleFYI . . .

While there is no defined "maximum" number of records that can be exported, large datasets may take a long time and timeout. Testing against 50,000 records resulted in performance of less than a minute. Recommended to use the interface and limit the number of columns and filter records to those relevant to the task.



New section with an associated JP Grid interface has been added to the Data Upload page. (Accessed from System Admin>EDGE Setup>Data Load, then click on "Upload Data".)


The new section dynamically updates based on the Data Group and Data Type selected from the associated drop-downs fields.


Access to this page requires a user to be configured with an access type that has the applicable functions activated. Refer to New Service Functions for List Pages and Reports for related information regarding these functions.

Business Benefit

Exporting existing data in the format needed for subsequent upload/updates, eliminates the need for manual data extract and reduces overall time involved