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This section lists the issues resolved.


Issue #

Issue Description

EDGE6I-7197EDGE: Work orders without any item selected in select SKU are not displayed in Work order List
EDGE6I-14932OpenTools: ProcessOutgoing stops processing messages for 2-4 hours
EDGE6I-14944EDGE: Business Function Log Details Modal not centered
EDGE6I-14987EDGE: Orders List Report timing out
EDGE6I-15005EDGE: Grid saved filter switches project results without updating project
EDGE6I-15030OpenTools: Inventory Advice duplicating
EDGE6I-15035EDGE: Autoship number is not being populated when original order is cancelled
EDGE6I-15051Integration: SyncInventory OpenTools API Error
EDGE6I-15073System: Logging causing server overloading
EDGE6I-15079EDGE: Autoship engine sending new recurring orders 3 times in webservice config
EDGE6I-15150OpenTools: An error occurred in the OT log while generating XML Data for Transfer WO outgoing message