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EDGE now sports a new "Provider Transit Zone Map" feature which enables viewing provider service time-in-transit by zip codeallows excluding providers from Provider Optimization by Bill Code.


1.New project setting "API key for Geocodio. Used to geocode and populate provider latitude and longitude fields for the Transit Zone Map (GEOCODIO_API_KEYExcluded Providers (Black List)" under System Admin>EDGE Setup>Project Settings under "Web Services Related" section. Must be populated per information block below to enable this featureAdmin>Merchant>Billing Codes. Multi-select style field allowing selection of providers to be excuded.


New feature available under Logistics>Transit Zone Map.

3.Select a Provider via the "Provider" drop-down field and then click the "Generate Map" button.
4.Use the "Postal Code Radius" slider to update the map with desired delivery radius.
titleGeocodio Setup

This feature leverages the Geocodio service. To obtain a key, simply do the following:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click "Get an API Key"
  3. Enter the required info to sign up for a free account
  4. Via the "Dashboard", click "Generate API Key"
  5. Enter a name for the API Key and then click "Generate"
  6. This brings you to the "API Keys" page where you can then copy the key value and paste it into the relevant EDGE project setting

The map is based upon the Provider Optimization "Time-in-Transit (TnT)" values configured for the provider. If there are no records populated in the TnT tables, this map will not show any data.

For more information, please see Provider Optimization documentation.

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Business Benefit


Provider Optimization Report will display, where relevant, those providers excluded,  Orders>Orders, open order, click Provider Optimization Audit at the bottom of the screen.

Business Benefit

Continual improvements to EDGE to better support our merchants.