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All tax calculation services require that the configurations for all providers associated with a merchant's warehouse/fulfillment center contain accurate location address settings.

In this context, the term "providers" refers to companies that support a merchant by providing fulfillment of the goods and/or services offered to the merchant's customers. Fulfillment providers are among a variety organizations, including tax calculation service providers and payment services providers, that are needed to  support an eCommerce business.

During this configuration process, it is advisable for you to verify those fulfillment provider addresses and make any necessary modifications. Provider configurations are managed in the EDGE Logistics module.

View/Verify Fulfillment Provider Settings

To verify provider settings:

  1. Click Logistics in the module selection menu. The Logistics page opens with the Ship Methods list page displayed.

  2. Click List>Providers in the left navigation menu. The Providers list page opens.

  3. Click the View Details link associated with the provider configuration you want to verify. The Provider Detail page opens.

  4. Verify that the information in each of the following fields is accurate. If any address corrections are necessary, continue with step 5.
    • ADDRESS1 through ADDRESS3
    • CITY
  5. Click the option at the bottom of the Provider Detail page. The Update Provider page opens. All fields are editable on this page.

  6. Modify the address information as necessary. (You may also make any other needed modifications at this time.)
  7. Click  at the bottom of the page to save the changes. The Provider Details page reopens, reflecting the modified information.
  8. Click the link to exit the Provider Details and return to the Provider list page.
  9. Repeat steps 3 through 8 for each provider.

To continue . . .

To take advantage of the many tax rules that power a tax engine, each of the products and/or services sold by a merchant should be mapped to a related product tax code. To do this, separate EDGE tax class types may be defined for each comparable tax code. So, when you have finished verifying the fulfillment provider settings, continue with Configure EDGE Tax Classes

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