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These procedures describe how to add a payment services provider/author. An authorizer is a payment services provider that supports a merchant by providing online services for accepting and authorizing electronic payments for sales of the merchant's goods and/or services.


These are the general instructions for adding a payment services provider/authorizer.  For the specific settings you need to use for each provider/authorizer refer to Configuration Settings by Provider/Authorizer.

 To add an authorizer:

  1. Click System Admin in the Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
  2. Select EDGE Setup>Authorizers from the left navigation menu. The Authorizers list page opens.
  3. Click the Add Authorizer link. The Create Authorizer page opens.

    For the specific Authorizer settings for each provider/authorizer of standard processing payment types (Credit Card, Gift Card, 3rd Party Checkout and, for CyberSource only, Checking), refer to Configuration Settings by Provider/Authorizer.
  4. At Authorizer Name (Required), enter the name of the authorizer.


    Besides the ability for you to create a record for the authorizers (payment services providers) that support standard processing of the Credit Card, Gift Card and 3rd Party Checkout payment types, a "Default" authorizer is also provided to support one or more of the non-processing payment types, listed below, that are not subject to authorization by a payment services provider.

    - Purchase Order Number
    - Checking  (for CyberSource ONLY, Checking is supported as a standard processing payment type, subject to authorization)
    - Gift Certificate

    - Bill Me
    - Member Budget
    - COD
    - Cash
    - Budget Center
    - Charges Waived

    Refer to Add Authorization Info
    for information about configuring authorizer support for both the processing and non-processing payment types.


    Do not edit or in any way modify the provided "Default" authorizer.
    (Though you must not modify the settings for the "Default" authorizer, you CAN configure Authorization Info parameters for the "Default" authorizer.)

  5. At Authorizer Code (Required), enter an identifying code for the authorizer.
  6. At Site URL (Required), enter the URL address for the authorizer's website.
  7. At Login URL, enter the login URL for payment processing.
  8. At Custom URL1, enter values that support custom functionality or custom values.

    The Custom URL field acts as a placeholder in the authorizer entity.
  9. At Start Date, accept the default (current) date or use the drop-down list to select the applicable starting Month, Day and Year.
  10. At End Date, leave the date blank or use the drop-down list to select the applicable ending Month, Day and Year.
  11. At Status, use the drop-down list to select Active (recommended) or New, as applicable. 


    For the credit card and gift card payment types, only one payment provider/authorizer each may be configured with "Active" or "New" status per project. That is, there can be both an active/new credit card provider and an active/new gift card provider at the same time, but no more than one of each.
    Currently, Shift4 is the only payment services provider/authorizer that supports both credit cards and gift cards. In a case where Shift4 is configured with "Active" or "New" status for both credit cards and gift cards, then no other provider may be made active/new at the same time for either.
  12. Click . The Authorizer Details page opens.

    From here you can:
    • Edit the authorizer details (Refer to the EDGE online help for information about this function)
    • Create an authorizer error message (optional procedure)
    • Load a gift card (optional procedure)
    • Delete the authorizer (Refer to the EDGE online help for information about this function)
  13. Click to return to the Authorizers list page.

To continue . . .

Once you have successfully added the authorizer, continue with Add Authorization Info.

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