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This guide provides comprehensive information about the APIs that support the Services piece of the EDGE integration layer, which is responsible for exposing a set of functions to be called by third-party systems.

These synchronous APIs make it possible for EDGE to communicate with virtually any other information system. They expose and make it possible for merchants to tap into key functions within the EDGE platform.

FYI . . .

  • This is the most current version of EDGE Service APIs. It is applicable for EDGE 16.33.0 and higher until there are changes introduced in a subsequent release.

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Service APIs and related information include:

FYI . . .

  • API
    Application Programming Interface (or Application Program Interface) – a language and message format used by an application program to communicate with the operating system or some other control program or communications protocol; an interface or go-between that enables a software program to interact with other software.
  • synchronous
    Direct communication where the communicators are time synchronized. In messaging, it describes communications that takes place between two applications or systems, where the system places a message in a message queue (also called an Event Queue in enterprise messaging systems) and then waits for a message response before it continues processing.

This guide is also available as a PDF that you can view online, print or download.

Click the image below to open the current version of the EDGE Service APIs PDF:
     EDGE 16.28.0, effective June 5, 2019

FYI . . .

  • This is the most current version of the EDGE Service APIs PDF. It is applicable for EDGE 16.28.0 and higher until there are changes introduced in a subsequent release.
  • This is document version 1.1, updated on June 28, 2019.
  • The OpenTools API section is available online only. It is NOT INCLUDED in the PDF version.
    Though there were updates made in the online OpenTools API section for EDGE 16.33.0, they are not applicable to and are not included in this PDF.


For best results, hover the cursor over the image and click your right mouse button (or equivalent laptop button or mobile device control), then select Open link in New Window in the shortcut menu. (If prompted, select to either open the file in Acrobat® Reader® or save the file, as preferred.)

Document VersionEDGE VersionEffective DateCreated/ Updated byDescription/Reason





Initial version





Updated PDF version to include notation that the information in this version of the “EDGE Service APIs” guide is applicable to <EDGE version number> and higher until the release of a version that includes further updates.





Add section for the “Data Access” API with these methods exposed:

  • GetSalesOrders
  • GetReturnOrders
  • GetWorkOrders





Add “GetASNs” method to Data Access API for access to ASN List information.





Added “Jp.jws” as required component of the endpoint URL. new “orderHeaderId” element has been added under autoshipHeader in the CreateAutoshipTemplate method and in the UpdateAutoshipTemplate method.

For the Autoship API:

  • The “delivery” element block has been exposed under autoshipTemplate in the UpdateAutoshipTemplate method.
  • The “autoshipDeliveryId” element has been exposed in the “delivery” element block of the ReadAutoshipTemplate method.



There were not any updates to EDGE Service APIs for EDGE 16.25.0.

Added section for the “Dynamic Fields” API with these methods exposed:

  • UpdateDynamicFields
  • ReadDynamicField
  • ReadAllDynamicFields
  • Added section for the “Order” API with this method exposed:
  • Added section for "OpenTools API" with inbound messages exposed (online version only, not in PDF)
online only, not in PDF version

In OpenTools API, updates to:

  • Inbound OrderImport message - Request parameters and example
  • Outbound ShipOrder message - Request parameters and example



There were not any updates to EDGE Service APIs for EDGE 16.31.0.



There were not any updates to EDGE Service APIs for EDGE 16.32.0.
online only, not in PDF version
16.33.009/17/2019MAMIn OpenTools API, the "countryOfOrigin" parameter has been added to the InventoryImport REST API.

Click  to download a zip file containing examples of the JSON for all of the methods available for each of the APIs described in this guide.

Currently, example files include:

  • Autoship API:
    • CreateAutoshipTemplate Request.txt
    • CreateAutoshipTemplate Response.txt
    • UpdateAutoshipTemplate Request.txt
    • UpdateAutoshipTemplate Response.txt
    • ReadAutoshipTemplate Request.txt
    • ReadAutoshipTemplate Response.txt
    • ReadAutoshipTemplates Request.txt
    • ReadAutoshipTemplates Response.tx
  • Order API:
    • GetOrderTracking Request_externalRef.txt
    • GetOrderTracking Request_orderHeaderId.txt
    • GetOrderTracking Response_failed.txt
    • GetOrderTracking Response_successful1.txt
    • GetOrderTracking Response_successful2.txt
  • Inventory API:
    • GetKitDetails Request.txt
    • GetKitDetails Response.txt
  • Data Access API:
    • GetSalesOrders examples:

      • GetSalesOrders Request1.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Response1.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Request2.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Response2.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Request3.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Response3.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Request4.txt
      • GetSalesOrders Response4.txt
    • GetReturnOrders examples:

      • GetReturnOrders Request1.txt
      • GetReturnOrders Response1.txt
      • GetReturnOrders Request2.txt
      • GetReturnOrders Response2.txt
    • GetWorkOrders examples:

      • GetWorkOrders Request1.txt
      • GetWorkOrders Response1.txt
      • GetWorkOrders Request2.txt
      • GetWorkOrders Response2.txt
    • GetASNs examples

      • GetASNs Request1.txt
      • GetASNs Response1.txt
      • GetASNs Request2.txt
      • GetASNs Response2.txt
      • GetASNs Request3.txt
      • GetASNs Response3.txt
  • Dynamic Fields API:
    • UpdateDynamicFields
    • ReadDynamicField
    • ReadAllDynamicFields

  • OpenTools API:
    • Inbound Messages

      • AllocationFailure
      • ASNImport
      • AsnShipmentReceipt
      • CancelSalesOrder
      • CatalogImport
      • CategoryImport
      • ConfirmAddEditASN
      • ConfirmAddEditSKU
      • ConfirmOrder
      • ConfirmWorkOrder
      • ErrorAddEditAsn
      • ErrorAddEditSku
      • ErrorAddSalesOrder
      • ErrorAddWorkOrder
      • InventoryAdjustment
      • InventoryImport
      • InventoryMove
      • MemberImport
      • OrderImport
      • OrderShipped
      • ShortPick
      • SyncInventoryBalance
      • WorkOrderReceipt
    • Outbound Messages

      • ASNAddEdit
      • ShipOrder
      • SKUAddEdit

FYI . . .

  • Notice that there are multiple examples for each method for the Data Access API. A description of each is provided with the description of the corresponding method.
  • Individual JSON examples are also included for viewing or download with the description of each method for each API.

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