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This section describes the settings that need to be configured for each payment provider/authorizer.


  • Before you begin a configuration, you need to obtain the information listed in Before You Begin from the provider you are configuring.

  • For the credit card and gift card payment types, only one payment provider/authorizer each may be configured with "Active" or "New" status per project. That is, there can be both an active/new credit card provider and an active/new gift card provider at the same time, but no more than one of each.

  • Payment capture and refunds for existing orders can be carried out for a payment authorizer that is no longer "Active" in EDGE. This is applicable for situations where there are existing orders pending against an authorizer after a new authorizer has been activated so that pending orders can be processed to completion.

  • Currently, Shift4 is the only payment services provider/authorizer that supports both credit cards and gift cards. In a case where Shift4 is configured with "Active" or "New" status for both credit cards and gift cards, then no other provider may be made active/new at the same time for either.

  • Currently, CyberSource is the only payment services provider/authorizer that supports "Checking" as a standard processing payment type, subject to authorization. Otherwise, Checking is considered a non-processing payment type.

  • An authorizer may have multiple Authorizer Info configurations defined, but only one Authorizer Info configuration at a time may have "Active" or "New" status. If multiple authorizers are configured, specify "Inactive" status for all but the authorizer you are currently using.

  • EDGE can support an "Active" Authorization Info record for the currencies an authorizer is associated with. The active Authorization Info record that is used is determined by the locale specified in the order.
  • EDGE provides a "Default" authorizer that can be used for non-processing payment types – those that are not subject to authorization by a payment services provider. Non-processing payment types include:
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Checking (for CyberSource ONLY, Checking is supported as a standard processing payment type, subject to authorization)
    • Gift Certificate 
    • Bill Me
    • Member Budget
    • COD
    • Cash
    • Budget Center
    • Charges Waived


Each payment provider/authorizer uses their unique settings for the configurations described in:

To continue . . .

Once you have completed configuring the Authorizer and Authorization Info settings, as well as any Authorization Info Parameters, for the authorizer, continue with Configure Project Settings.

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