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The EDGE Billing Code List page in the System Admin module has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Pop-up icons have replaced the “Actions” column and Detail and Edit links.
  • Column Visibility menu – includes:
    • Search field and list of available columns to show or hide
    • Save as CSV
    • Reset to Default
    • Save View
    • Reorder columns via drag and drop
    • Column sorting – columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order; multiple sorting is supported
    • Columns can be pinned to left/right side of list table (pinned columns remain stationary during horizontal scroll)
    • Resize column widths via drag action to expand/contract
    • Separate filters for each column as appropriate for data:
      • Text – full/partial character search (alphanumeric and special characters)
      • Number –  full/partial numeric search
      • Boolean – Yes/No radio buttons
      • Set – selectable list of predefined values
      • Date – date picker calendars, browser independent. Includes page range selection on a single drop-down calendar.
      • Select and copy data, retain formatting upon paste
        • Select single or multiple table cells
        • Tab-separated paste into text file
        • Retains column structure when pasted into spreadsheet

FYI . . .

Refer to New System Admin and Service Module Functions for important information regarding user access to the described list and functions.



The described page enhancements have been implemented on the System Admin>Merchant>Billing Code List page.

 Business Benefit

The enhancements to EDGE module list pages help to improve usability and page performance.

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