Use this function to configure additional, provider-specific Authorization Info parameters for the payment provider specified in the Authorizer Name field described in Add Authorization Info.

These are the general instructions for adding authorization info parameters. An individual payment provider/authorizer may require a particular parameter or set of parameters that applies only to that provider.

To configure an authorization info parameter:

If an Authorization Info Details page is already open, go directly to step 4, below.
  1. Click System Admin in the Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
  2. Select EDGE Setup>Authorization Info from the left navigation menu. The Authorization Info list page opens.
  3. Click the View Details link associated with an authorizer. The Authorization Info Details page opens.
  4. Scroll to the Authorization Info Parameters section and click the Add Authorization Info Parameter link. The Create Authorization Info page opens.
  5. Enter a Parameter in the field provided. (See Configuration Settings by Provider/Authorizer for information about required parameters.)
  6. Enter a Value for the parameter.
  7. Click  to save the parameter. The parameter-specific Authorization Info Details page opens.
  8. Click  to return to the Authorization Info Details page, where the parameter is listed in the Authorization Info Parameters section.

    Repeat steps 4 through 8 for each parameter you want to add.
  9. Click  to return to the Authorization Info list page.

Once you have completed configuring the Authorization Info Parameters, if any, for the authorizer, continue with Configure Project Settings.