This procedure is currently applicable only for situations where payment is made via credit card for orders placed through a merchant's front-end website and CyberSource is the selected authorizer.

When enabled using the authorization info parameter described here, CyberSource 3-D Secure verifies credit card enrollment in an authentication program and validates the authentication from the issuing bank. 

To enable 3-D Secure credit card authentication:

If an Authorization Info Details page is already open, go directly to step 4.
  1. Click System Admin in the Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
  2. Select EDGE Setup>Authorization Info from the left navigation menu. The Authorization Info list page opens.
  3. Click the View Details link associated with an Authorization Info Code for which CyberSource is the authorizer. The Authorization Info Details page opens.
  4. Scroll to the Authorization Info Parameters section and click the Add Authorization Info Parameter link. The Create Authorization Info page opens.

  5. Enter "PayerAuthenticated" in the Parameter field.
  6. Enter "true" in the Value field to enable the parameter.     or Enter "false" in the Value field to disable the parameter.

    You can modify this value at any time to enable or disable the parameter.

  7. Click  to save the parameter. The Authorization Info Details page for the new parameter opens.

  8. Click  to return to the Authorization Info Details page, where the PayerAuthenticated parameter is listed in the Authorization Info Parameters section.

  9. Click  to return to the Authorization Info list page.

Once you have completed configuring all needed Authorization Info Parameters for the authorizer, continue with Configure Project Settings.