These procedures describe how to configure and manage the payment types supported in each project associated with a merchant. A merchant can have multiple projects and each project can support its own set of payment types, each with its own set of parameters for refunds and alternate payment.

 To configure project payment types:

  1. Click System Admin in the Administrative tasks menu. The System Admin page opens with the Project Settings page displayed.
  2. Select EDGE SETUP > Merchants from the left navigation menu. The EDGE MERCHANTS list page opens.
  3. Click the View Details link associated with a merchant. The EDGE Merchant Details page opens.
  4. Click . The EDGE Projects list page opens.
  5. Click the View Details link associated with a project. The EDGE Project Details page opens.
  6. Scroll to the Project Payment Types section. (If necessary, clickto expand the section.)

  7. Click to modify the payment type parameters. The Update Project Payment Types page opens.

    Here you can do the following for each payment type:

Select False to disallow refunds to the payment type.

- Only the following payment types can be refund-enabled:
3rd Party Checkout
   * Credit Card
   * Gift Card
   * Budget Center
   * Checking
   * Member Budget

- When the payment was originally made using a gift card, there are now two options for how refunds can be issued for the payment:

     A new e-gift card can be generated.
     To always issue a new e-gift card for refunds, select Gift Card in the Alt Refund Payment Type drop-down menu.

      The refund can be issued to the same gift card that was used for the original payment.
      To enable refunds to be made to the same gift card, leave the Alt Refund Payment Type column blank.  

When configuring for the Clutch gift card provider only, if you want to allow refunds to the same gift card used for the original payment, contact Clutch customer support to request that "re-issuance" be enabled/allowed for this merchant.
When configuring for the Shift4 gift card provider, if you want to allow refunds to the same gift card used for the original payment, the merchant's Shift4 account must be set up to specify that a PIN is NOT required for a refund back to the original gift card. Contact Shift4 customer support for information or assistance.

- As applicable, an alternate refund payment type may be specified if refunds are disallowed (not enabled) for a payment type.

- Refunds may be made to multiple payment types in cases where multiple types were used for order payment. (More information about the EDGE refund process is provided in the EDGE online help under Orders>Return Orders.)

8. Click to save your settings and return to the EDGE Project Details page.

9. Click the link to exit the EDGE Project Details page and return to the EDGE Projects list page.

Once you have configured the payment types for the current project, continue with Configure Payment-Related Project Settings.